Teachers and Therapists

Caper in the box is a go to place for educators and therapists to find the learning resources/tools that they need to teach at their best. It aids experiential learning and you can find different products designed for different concepts. We cover categories likes Phonics, Pre Math Concepts, Math Concepts, Life Skills, Social Stories and activities around fine motor skills and cognitive skills and much more.

Many a times, we professionals find it hard to get the right resources in the market. We do find products but some of them might need some tweaking to be fully useful. So here Caper in the box can come to your rescue. We custom design the products as required by the professionals.

Our products are reusable and child friendly. We use Velcro dots, holders etc. to make sure all our pieces are steady while we perform the activities.
To view our products please have a look at our Shop tab.

We believe that our children are unique but equally capable. Their brain has simply been wired differently. There is no problem with their intelligence, memory or motivation. The difference is only in the way they receive and process information, in simple words they understand things differently.

Having a bond with your kids is something money can’t buy.