Every Child is Unique.

   Every child can make it.

      Believe in them,

        Give them wings,

            and see them fly!

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Caper in the Box is an activity Kit specifically designed for working on special needs of children

Whether your child is in the Autistic Spectrum, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy or has any learning disabilities, concerns in fine motor skill development, cognitive skills, coordination skills, Play and Social skill development, Sensory Input requirement, speech delay, Self-care, and Life Skills we consider all while designing our activity kit.

We are a team working on designing a custom activity kit for your child based on their developmental phase. This box will provide you with resources that are not only fun for your kid but a very effective teaching tool at your disposal.

No more planning… no more arrangements… no more hassles…

Just sit back and use all your energy to play with your kid and have them engaged in the activity/games sent across by us.

We understand the stress of working parents but Caper in the box comes to your rescue.

This box will include an instruction card and hence you can also have the grandparents, caretakers or anybody else at home to play or engage the child in the activities sent by us.

What’s Inside?

Not even lying


  • Toys/activities/games to help develop the various fine motor, gross motor, coordination skills of the child. Engage your child in fun with learning play!
  • Boxes ship out the first week of the month. Items are apt and provide the necessary input for the special needs of our children.
  • Each box comes with an instruction card that will guide you on how to do the activities.
  • Curated for children with Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory needs, reading and learning disabilities and Communication and Social concerns.
  • Carefully curated under the guidance of certified therapists and special educators.

How it Works?


Easy to Order. Create your Account. If you are a new Customer, fill the questionnaire and subscribe for the box. If you are an existing customer, just subscribe while we would call you personally to discuss the next set of activities


Based on your child’s unique needs, development goals and phase we design the box. The box is custom curated for each child complimenting his/hers short term and long-term goals.


Your child will be happy to unbox a kit of activities that would be fun and play for him. But for you a teaching tool that will help your child’s development at home on a day to day basis.