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We at Caper in the box, work for children with learning disabilities, children in the Autistic Spectrum, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Communication issues, children with concerns in fine motors, gross motors, cognitive and coordination concerns, Sensory needs and disability to Play & socialize.

We believe that our children are unique but equally capable. Their brain has simply been wired differently. There is no problem with their intelligence, memory or motivation. The difference is only in the way they receive and process information, in simple words they understand things differently.

So, what next! We help them understand things their way… And once you start doing it you see them blossom unbelievably and very beautifully.

Many a time they need therapies for building up on their skills and it is always better to take professional help as soon as possible to help our kids reach their full potential.

But is that all? NO, you as parents are the best help to the special needs of your children. Apart from therapies they need your help.

Growth is never by chance. It is a result of forces working together

And we at Caper in the Box, provide you with the resources and learning tools that will assist you in providing them input in the best way at home since it will be designed by the experts with an instruction card on how to play.

This box is delivered at your place every month after a proper assessment of your child’s current developmental stage and our next goals and milestones.

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